This piece entitled verdict written by Spilling Ink’s , Gloreen Lake. Read and we do hope you enjoy

I understand
I get it
you need evidence
irrefutable proof I’m not riding the fence
how can I be sure,you say
clearly you must see
you are my equal opposite
therefore you must believe
you are just like me
and I’m like you
surely, you mustn’t doubt that too
plain as day
if you ask me
heart strings pulling
like a Mozart Symphony
But I Digress
for i understand
the unspoken truth
that lies at hand
bitter sweet
my soul let’s out a tearful weep
the lashes of rejection
an attempt to avoid collision
to salvage the remains of this union
finding strength as we walk in unison
But I maintain
my stance still the same
as the day we met
I refuse to live a single day with regret
blessed to know you
for that I do
And I pray to the man up stairs
we can share another moment or two
so that I may show you
not just tell you the words
that you can see
we don’t exist between separate world’s
We are just one in the same
looking in a mirror
fighting everyday
to live through the terror
of this life that has tarnished us
but not to worry I’m here now
and I believe in us
Gloreen Lake 2015© – Spilling Ink

Author: thespillingink

SpillingInk is the creative combination of active minds putting fun, obstacles, triumphs, life and its untold similarities shared into Written Art

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