Speak, Without Words

The weight of words is never truly appreciated. Its like a balancing act between truth and lies. Some of the most beautiful words are formed from the most dark places. So here it is, Speak, without words. Enjoy


Speak without words
Knowing the weight of words
For in knowing,there is existence
Of but a single solitary thought
Waiting to make it’s escape
Buried among hidden languages
Metaphorically inclined
Do reveal the fine line
Between hate and love
Distrust and Lust
Speak to me not of
things unknown
But speak truth
Speak Life into my soul
Not in parts, but whole
Whole truths
No half lies
all things surrounding
the union of us
the universal quantifier
of all things small
because every words
every word
every word

©Spilling Ink(G.L)

Author: thespillingink

SpillingInk is the creative combination of active minds putting fun, obstacles, triumphs, life and its untold similarities shared into Written Art

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