Illusion,Perception, Reality

Somewhere between the plains of Illusion and Perception there lies Reality ..undiscovered. Another collaborated piece by yours truly


Shadows of reality
Hidden in the dark
Cold recesses of the heart
Easily tipped
Fickle gatherings
Of fragile emotions
Forming gaping holes
In an over active mind

Recognition of intuition
Correlation of the mind
And sensory awareness
Misconstrued as delusions
A spark of paranoia
Inexplicable festering discernment
Plaguing the mind

Confusion of illusion,
Perception of the world
Looking through a spectrum
Using one word, disaster
Conceited beliefs
Bowing down to a master
Hatred for those who go faster
There is no question, we are the cancer.

©Spilling Ink

Author: thespillingink

SpillingInk is the creative combination of active minds putting fun, obstacles, triumphs, life and its untold similarities shared into Written Art

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