In the face of great adversity and strife we are often tried. We may be led to think of our dreams as unfathomable realities—-but we dare say ..challenge this belief and keep reaching for those dreams. We give you residuum….


Dismembered souls
Caged in a fire breathing furnace
Of wistful intentions
Unfulfilled realities

Scattered dreams
Goals failed to be reached
Murdered ambitions
Torturous memories

Frail emotions
Hovered and toyed
Played like a fiddlers tune
Rejected before deployed

….all this, the remains of a life built on opportunistic dreams never seen  to fruition

SpillingInk(M.S & G.L)

Author: thespillingink

SpillingInk is the creative combination of active minds putting fun, obstacles, triumphs, life and its untold similarities shared into Written Art

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