In the face of great adversity and strife we are often tried. We may be led to think of our dreams as unfathomable realities—-but we dare say ..challenge this belief and keep reaching for those dreams. We give you residuum….


Dismembered souls
Caged in a fire breathing furnace
Of wistful intentions
Unfulfilled realities

Scattered dreams
Goals failed to be reached
Murdered ambitions
Torturous memories

Frail emotions
Hovered and toyed
Played like a fiddlers tune
Rejected before deployed

….all this, the remains of a life built on opportunistic dreams never seen  to fruition

SpillingInk(M.S & G.L)


A truly heart moving piece that certainly does justice to its name. Take a moment and not just read but feel these words : Tremors by SpillingInk, O.J

Before dusk greeted dawn
Their words collided midair
Erupting into a roll of angry thunder
Shattering silence.
Demolishing peace.
Freshly sharpened chisels
Disguised as accusations
Chipped away at his frozen heart.
The ground shook beneath my feet.
These human tremors causing earth like quakes
Spun my world upside down.
Behind the fermenting liquor
There was a whiff of sacrilege
In the stench of his breath
Hidden among his countless excuses
Weaved into every word
Strung into every lie
She could tell…
She had been here before
Heard his elaborate alcohol bolstered stories
And for a time she believed him
Simply allowed herself to accept
That she, was not enough…
But this argument was different
Clear as the morning sun creeping its way into the room
Replaying his very actions
She had had enough of him
And would no longer be the addendum
To the life he trailed at the bottom of a bottle
Or between ever soiled sheets
Paid for by the sweat of her back
Yet I could only sit there
Unhelpful in my then lack of understanding
Because mommy and daddy needed to talk
And I was told not to move.



The ghost is sleeping
Healing, Seething
Became the person he never seem coming
Woke up from his dream
Because he believed in something
Caught up in between
Real and wanting
Need, simply wanting nothing
But is he to just put down green and live
for others
Give up the greed and show his brothers
How to succeed
Be free
True meaning of sentient being