A truly heart moving piece that certainly does justice to its name. Take a moment and not just read but feel these words : Tremors by SpillingInk, O.J


Before dusk greeted dawn
Their words collided midair
Erupting into a roll of angry thunder
Shattering silence.
Demolishing peace.
Freshly sharpened chisels
Disguised as accusations
Chipped away at his frozen heart.
The ground shook beneath my feet.
These human tremors causing earth like quakes
Spun my world upside down.
Behind the fermenting liquor
There was a whiff of sacrilege
In the stench of his breath
Hidden among his countless excuses
Weaved into every word
Strung into every lie
She could tell…
She had been here before
Heard his elaborate alcohol bolstered stories
And for a time she believed him
Simply allowed herself to accept
That she, was not enough…
But this argument was different
Clear as the morning sun creeping its way into the room
Replaying his very actions
She had had enough of him
And would no longer be the addendum
To the life he trailed at the bottom of a bottle
Or between ever soiled sheets
Paid for by the sweat of her back
Yet I could only sit there
Unhelpful in my then lack of understanding
Because mommy and daddy needed to talk
And I was told not to move.



Another combined piece brought to you by the three-o. Do enjoy “Mermaid”

It was a delight
Sun-kissed skin
With a touch of might
You could just imagine the physique
Rich to the tongue
A bliss to my mind
As she danced with the ocean.
Hips of carefree content
Swaying unconcerned
As her eyes mirrored
The stars of night
I’m enchanted by her expression.
Moving in perpetual harmony
Her rhythmic soul
Inviting me
To unlock her treasures stored
Washed up like shells upon this shore
Then back to ocean she drifts once more


Serious Shit 2

Serious Shit 2 –and so it continues.

I’ve wrote this line
This verse
This page
This chapter
This book
A million times
And each time,
No matter the time
How I rhyme
Tales of different crime
And manipulated vibes
I… Sigh

You see…
We live in a world where
Motivation comes from good or bad
Where.. killing a man is a fad
And no one wants to stand up
Lift their hands to relieve the sad

You see…
We live in a world where
Men are considered dogs
Where…simply because you the son of what they call scum
You’re simple nothing
Even though your life hasn’t begun

You see…
We live in a world
And that’s where the problem begins
A world of sin
Assorted beliefs
Clenched teeth
Scared of which you’ll be
So we begin by…
Writing this line
this verse
This page
This chapter
This book
A million times
And each time….
I end up with the same answer…

Spilling Ink (M.S)

Serious Shit

Now this is some serious shit. Take a read. Written by Spilling Ink’s Mikhail Simmons

I do serious shit
That end up sounding legit
Different to any crit
Or things we used to spit
You know…
Back in the days when it was all about
Diddly jack shit
And playing with clits
Which Is probably what these youths need
Instead of playing with clips
Murderous tools
Meant to depopulate a specific breed
If they really wanted them gone wouldn’t it be done
Just like when their sons kill another one
It disappears from our news
Sometimes I swear
its lossed screws
Sins past due
Grins back… Because it true
And you
And I
Still watching as societal norms
Crush our beliefs
A true tragedy
Of me I
And now
You and I
Never have the right
To try
But all right to die
meaningless triumphs
As we all just die young
Guns and drugs
Skins and Thugs
Ministers and world leaders
Men tasked with protecting our nation
In relation to a mind bobbling sensation
Of shit
Things I never writ,
Wrote, Spoke
Do dope,
Put my hands between a spinning wheel
Cheat, beat…
The hands that feed me
Bleed for me, dream about me
Fight and die for me
Sins that cry not to be
Lost souls fail to see,
Being different is what truly brings us to be
An untold creed,
And what we cease to be,
Is Truth.
As speaking out of turn lands us back in Shit
So why don’t I do serious shit?
Its simple…
We’re already
In… Serious shit

Spilling Ink (M.S)


This piece entitled verdict written by Spilling Ink’s , Gloreen Lake. Read and we do hope you enjoy

I understand
I get it
you need evidence
irrefutable proof I’m not riding the fence
how can I be sure,you say
clearly you must see
you are my equal opposite
therefore you must believe
you are just like me
and I’m like you
surely, you mustn’t doubt that too
plain as day
if you ask me
heart strings pulling
like a Mozart Symphony
But I Digress
for i understand
the unspoken truth
that lies at hand
bitter sweet
my soul let’s out a tearful weep
the lashes of rejection
an attempt to avoid collision
to salvage the remains of this union
finding strength as we walk in unison
But I maintain
my stance still the same
as the day we met
I refuse to live a single day with regret
blessed to know you
for that I do
And I pray to the man up stairs
we can share another moment or two
so that I may show you
not just tell you the words
that you can see
we don’t exist between separate world’s
We are just one in the same
looking in a mirror
fighting everyday
to live through the terror
of this life that has tarnished us
but not to worry I’m here now
and I believe in us
Gloreen Lake 2015© – Spilling Ink